Saturday, December 10, 2005

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(Not all yarn is photographed; nevertheless, full listings are below)

My yarn stash is smaller, thanks to a sale earlier this fall, but there's more that I know I won't use in the next...let's say few years.

Thanks to Caitlyn -- whose stash I have bought in the past, and whose destashing blog has inspired mine.

Please read these important details about my de-stashing:

  1. All yarns come from a non-smoking home and are brand new unless otherwise noted. All yarn has been acquired in the last two years. I do own cats, though the yarn is safely stored in plastic bins or a wood dresser.

  2. Yarn with photos available have links on their name. I'm working on photographing more of the yarn for sale. To see all the yarn with a brief description, view my Photobucket album.

  3. Prices shown DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. Given prices are for all the yarn in that listing; contact me if you want to buy fewer skeins. I will ship to U.S. and Canada via USPS (Priority or parcel) or FedEx. Insurance is optional. Please be forewarned that I am NOT responsible for uninsured packages that are lost in the mail.

  4. I prefer BANK ACCOUNT (debit) funded Paypal. I will also take money orders, and I will ship as soon as payment is received.

If you are interested or have questions (such as what I was planning to make with the yarn, or when/where I got it), please email me at laurafletcher AT gmail DOT com. Thanks for looking!

(SPOKEN FOR means the transaction is in the works but not finalized. A listing that has strikethrough text means it's gone.)

Yarns, in alphabetical order by brand:

8 balls Berroco Pronto (photo to come), 4443 hot pink (lot 2004). 50% cotton, 50% acrylic. 3.25 st/" size 10 1/2 needle, 55 yds/ball. TOTAL cost: $15 (FYI I swapped for this myself, through Elann, then realized I'm not much of a cotton person. The yarn is in great condition.)

1 ball Berroco Suede (photo to come), 3719 Texas rose (lot 90). 100% nylon. 4.75 st/" size 8 needle, 120 yds/ball. COST: $6 (Half a ball of same color & dyleot available as well; used 1/2 ball for Ugg-looking baby booties with white Berroco Plush -- also available)

3 balls Cascade 220 Superwash, 1 each of 837 fuchsia (lot 6514), 805 violet (lot 6898), and 801 army green (lot 9293). 100% superwash wool. 4.5-5 st/" size 7-8 needle, 220 yds/ball. TOTAL cost: $18 (Additional partial balls available upon request)

8 balls Endless Summer Collection Sonata from Elann (photo to come), 7471 silver sage (lot 148328). 100% mercerized cotton. 5.5 st/" size 6 needle, 115 yds/ball. TOTAL cost: $15

12 balls GGH Amelie in mint green (photo to come), color 14 (lot 10851). 100% nylon, 2.75 st/" on size 7-8 needles, 70 yds/ball. TOTAL cost: $70 (Bought to knit sweater from Rebecca magazine #28)

6 balls GGH Amelie in cotton candy pink (photo to come), color 3 (lot 11662). 100% nylon, 2.75 st/" on size 7-8 needles, 70 yds/ball. TOTAL cost: $35 (Also for project from Rebecca 28 - a shrug)

4 balls GGH Cadiz (photo to come), color 6 variegated blues (lot 4). 51% cotton, 33% acrylic, 16% rayon. 4.25 st/" on size 6-8 needle, 73 yds/ball. TOTAL cost: $30 (Bought to make strappy top from Rebecca magazine #29, summer '05)

FOR SWAP: 9 balls Jaeger Chamonix (photo to come), 900 Limoges - cream with a pinkish tinge (lot 27C2). 48% angora, 45% extra fine merino, 5% nylon. 3.5 st/" size 10.5-11 needle, 119 yds/ball. Swap for another color of Chamonix -- this light pink just isn't me, though it is veyr pretty. Any other colors considered. (It's great yarn!)

2 balls Lion Moonlight Mohair, 205 glacier bay (muted blues with silver metallic thread, lot 43384). 35% mohair, 30% acrylic, 25% cotton, 10% poly metallic. 3 st/" size 10.5 needle, 82 yds/ball. TOTAL cost: $10

3 balls OnLine Linie 49 Jumbo in purples and grays, lot 4623. 100% wool thick and thin. 1.75 st/" size 15 needle, 45 yds/ball. TOTAL cost: $20.00

4 balls OnLine Linie 49 Jumbo in greens and blues, lot 4429. 100% wool thick and thin. 1.75 st/" size 15 needle, 45 yds/ball. TOTAL cost: $25.00

7 balls Schachenmayr Rainbow, 72 green banana (bright green ribbon with rainbow binder thread, lot 1744). 55% acrylic, 35% cotton, 10% viscose rayon. 5 st/" size 2-6 needle, 114 yds/ball. TOTAL cost: $20.00

16 balls Schoeller-Stahl Volare, 6721 moccasin tan (medium teddy bear brown, lot 4019). 51% merino, 49% acrylic. 2.5 st/" size 11-13 needle, 54 yds/ball. TOTAL cost: $40.00 (enough for a cabled sweater)